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Journal ISSUE #2

Issue #2 — Editorial

We are delighted to present the second issue of CePRA Journal. As with the inaugural issue, the publication presents a snapshot of the eclectic community of practice researchers working at the University of Leeds, this time across the 2022/23 academic year.

Dave Riedstra’s contribution opens the issue with a near silent audio work that entangles itself and its listeners with their environment. Indeed, this theme of destabilising the senses as a method of knowing places is following on through Benjamin Jenner’s video documentation of blindfolded explorations of forests and poems. Denny Bouzioti’s filmic work’s understanding of space similarly moves between the internal and external, but is marked instead by confinement. These sorts of mental confines are also apparent in Matthew Davey’s closing audio-visual piece concerning eczema management and treatment.

Thanks to each of the contributors for their thought-provoking work. As editors, it brings us much delight to be able to build on the collection of excellent work found in the first issue. Thanks also to Ewan Stefani, Scott McLaughlin, and Fiona Bannon, the directors of CePRA, for supporting this project.

With warmest wishes,

The CePRA Journal Editorial Board

July 2023