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The Centre for Practice Research in the Arts (CePRA) is based in the Faculty of Arts Humanties and Cultures at the University of Leeds. It brings together scholars from across the arts disciplines whose research employs practice research methodologies.

For an excellent overview of practice research, see the PRAG-UK/Research-England report here (2021).

Practice Research is by no means confined to the arts, but the Centre responds to a particular need within the arts disciplines to debate the framing, articulation and documentation of practice research methods. CePRA provides a forum for leading international academics in music, performance, design, communications and the visual arts to explore these issues within and across disciplines, and in interdisciplinary contexts. It develops younger researchers through training and networking opportunities for students on the range of practice research degrees offered within the Faculty of Arts Humanties and Cultures.

We have a database of current practice researchers at Leeds (staff and PhD students) which can be accessed here (requires Leeds login) -

To sign-up to the CePRA mailing list, please use the following link: