Apply for Funding

How to Apply:

  • Please return this application form before midnight (UK time) on 10th September 2018
  • Applications will be discussed and ranked against the criteria as set below
  • Send proposals by email to Dr Ewan Stefani (

Funding Limits and criteria:

  • Applications will normally be subject to a £300 maximum funding limit;
  • Successful proposals will fund activities relating to practice-led or practice-based research in the Arts;
  • Proposals should identify clear potential benefits to the practice-based / practice-led activities of staff and/or PGRs within the faculty of AHC;
  • Projects / events must be led by staff and/or PGRs based within the faculty of AHC;
  • Applications for costs associated with conference paper or poster presentations by an individual researcher will normally be ranked as low priority and will be unlikely to obtain funding in this funding round;
  • CePRA funding will aim to represent practice-led research interests and activities from a broad range of disciplines within the faculty.

Conditions of funding are:

  1. a report (and appropriate documentation) from the event should be submitted within 28 days of the event using the template provided;
  2. total claims for expenses from CePRA do not exceed the amount requested in the application;
  3. the phrase ‘with support from the Centre for Practice-led Research in the Arts’ is mentioned prominently in any advertising or literature for the event for the event and on related web sites;
  4. the project/event is open to any staff and PGRs from within the faculty (where appropriate) and is advertised on the Artynet list ( and other appropriate mailing lists;
  5. the character and content of the event does not contradict the description given to CePRA within the application for funding;
  6. all expenses are claimed and processed via the faculty finance team as e-expenses claims in good time before the end of the current financial year (funds may not be carried over into the next financial year)
  7. funding applications should be submitted using the application form below:

CePRA Funding 2018