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Volker Heyn Residency

Year funded: 2016-2017

Project Leaders: Dr Sam Belinfante (FAHACS, Director of CAVE), Dr Mic Spencer (School of Music)

The project focussed on the music of Volker Heyn, who came over for a week in April 2017 and worked with School of Music student new music ensemble LSTwo (they had been rehearsing his work for all of semester two in advance of his arrival). Heyn helped shape the graphic and interpretative elements in all of his pieces, ‘Makes Yer Wanna’, ‘TRANSFER’, ‘Blues in Bb’ and ‘Mythmaker’.  The concert also included music by Dr Mic Spencer and Jake Randell. As part of his residency, Heyn gave two talks, one an introduction to his work generally, then another on his current large project in progress, ‘TRANSFER’.

Live recordings of the concert are available: