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Research ethics for practice research (17/5/23 9.30–12)


Hosted by CePRA and the Faculty Research Ethics Committee

May 17th: 9.30 for coffee / workshop runs 10-12noon

Dance Studio, Stage@Leeds, chaired by Helen Graham & Scott McLaughlin

a man in a baseball cap points at a hand-drawn map of city streets. He's pointing out something to two women who watch the map.

Are you currently exploring the ethics of your practice research? Are you considering a research ethics application?

There are two linked dimensions to ethical research. There is the way each of us articulate our own embedded ethics as a core part of our research practice and there is how this meets the University’s ethical governance.

The Faculty Research Ethics Committee has developed notes for both applicants and reviewers of practice-led, action-led and participatory research ethics applications which aims to support the bridge between ethical practice and ethical governance.

black powerpoint slide laying out the "Nordic project: defining ethics" - respectforautonomy(theobligationto respect decision-making capacities of autonomous persons); • non-maleficence(the obligation to avoid causing harm); • beneficence(the obligation to provide benefits and to balance benefits against risks); • justice(the obligation of fairness in the distribution of benefits and risks).Join us to explore how to make the links between your ethical practice and ethical governance in your work and encounter a rich case study – offered by Ally Walsh (Performance and Cultural Industries) of ethics and practice research. [update, Ally's slides are here - Walsh PaR ethics presentation May2023.pdf]

We will create room for reflective conversation. You will have the opportunity to:

  • Draw out the principles of your research: How do you conceptualise knowledge?
  • Explore the ethical principles that guide your research
  • Identify how you might communicate your practice for the ethical review process


For reference:

The Faculty Research Ethics Committee ‘Notes for Applicants and Reviewers: Practice-led, action-led and participatory research’.