“Practice Online” Speaker Series

Applications are encouraged from staff or PGRs in the faculty of AHC who are seeking to engage an external artist / practitioner to facilitate or participate in an online workshop, presentation, keynote, network event, or online collaboration. The funding will normally cover a flat ‘artist fee’ or a similar one-off payment.

Funding Limits and criteria:

  • Proposals will be subject to a £200 maximum funding limit
  • Successful proposals will fund activities relating to practice-led or practice-based research in the Arts
  • Proposals should identify clear potential benefits to the development of practice or knowledge of practice for one or more research communities at Leeds
  • Applications must be led by staff and/or PGRs based within the faculty of AHC
  • CePRA funding will aim to represent practice research activities from a broad range of disciplines within the faculty of AHC; multiple applications to fund a single project are discouraged and are likely to be rejected
  • Applications that help to address the broad agenda of decolonisation are encouraged

For further information and to apply, go here