Inclusivity Workshop 4th March 2019

Inclusivity within Practice-based Research in the Arts

Alan Courtis will lead a workshop on inclusive approaches to practice on Monday 4th March starting from 11am in the School of Music, University of Leeds, 12 Cavendish Road. All welcome.

Alan Courtis has been teaching music for people with disability in Buenos Aires, Argentina, since 1993. He holds a degree Communication Sciences from the University of Buenos Aires, where he runs a Music Workshop and Seminar with Fundación Artistas Discapacitados (Disabled Artists Foundation). He was founder member of Reynols, a group that integrated a drummer with Down’s Syndrome who released over 100 albums on labels from USA, Europe, Japan & NZ, etc. He has also worked on worldwide music projects integrating people with disabilities, such as: Mumbly Wolfs (England), Les Harry’s de l’Hôpital de jour d’Antony (France), DNA AND? (Norway), Creahm (Begium), Club Théo Van Gogh (Begium), Institut René Thône (Begium), Ampliflied Elephants (Australia), Electroability Stavanger (Norway), We2 (Portugal), Daddy Antogna y los de Helio (Argentina), Horizont Neufs (Belgium), The Gate (England), and Bergen Superorkester (Norway).

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