New CD Release with CePRA support

A new CD release from composer Scott McLaughlin has been made possible with funds from CePRA:

‘There are neither wholes nor parts. Listening is the act of choosing the scale on which we perceive forms — each part is merely a whole on a deeper stratum. The pieces collected here all play on the ambiguity between wholes and parts in the fabric of music. Ambiguity as material.

‘Sustained and repeated sounds afford close listening, hearing past the surface of sound into the structures that form timbre, structures with their own plexus, their own harmony. Rich and unstable sounds overflow with agency, creating a flat ontology between player and instrument, each co-constructing the performance.

‘The score guides the player on how to interact with the instrument and follow the contours of its materiality. The harmony and form that emerges is not random, rather it is determinately indeterminate, subject to the momentary flow of performance but constrained by the instrument’s physical form and matter.’