Considering Place in Practice-based Research

Thursday 28th and Friday 29th November 2013
PhD-staff masterclass / symposium: Considering place in practice-based research

An interdisciplinary event focused on place orientated practice-based research in visual arts and creative writing convened by Dr Judith Tucker, School of Design, University of Leeds.

Keynote Speakers

  • Mary Modeen, University of Dundee
  • Dr Iain Biggs, UWE
  • Dr Harriet Tarlo, Sheffield Hallam

This event includes presentations from post-graduate students from Leeds, Dundee, UWE and Sheffield Hallam universities and a round table event, chaired by Professor Ken Hay, on collaborative place-based work with contributions from: Dr Iain Biggs, Dr Paul Wilson, Mary Modeen, Dr Harriet Tarlo, Andrea Thoma, Deborah Gardner, Dr Louise K Wilson and Dr Judith Tucker. At that event there will also be an opportunity to view publications, artists’ books and catalogues from speakers and delegates.

There will be a fieldtrip on the afternoon of Friday 29th, leaving Leeds at 1.00pm, in which Filippa Dobson PhD student in the School of Design, University of Leeds will conduct a walk/performance/presentation on Ilkley Moor. This walk will be on public footpaths over rough terrain – please wear suitable footwear and waterproof clothing.


Thursday 28th November

Baines Wing Miall LT (2.34)

9.30 -10.00 Coffee

10.00 -10.50 Welcome: Judith Tucker, University of Leeds

Keynote: Iain Biggs (UWE): “Un- & Re- Mapping (our) Place(s)”.

11.00 – 12.00 Session 1 Chair: Judith Tucker

Suzannah Evans (Sheffield Hallam): “Locating Yourself: Maps, Poetry and Identity”

Trevor Borg (University of Leeds): “A Matter of Land, Practice and… (De-)Reterritorialisation”

MA Room G.32b Clothworkers’ Building Central

12.10-1.00 Discussion, coffee and light lunch

1.00 -2.20 Session 2 Chair Mary Modeen

Chris Harris (University of Leeds): “Hiraeth: Designing a Welsh Identity”

Margaret Lewis (Sheffield Hallam): “The Grain of the Land”

Veronica Vickery (UWE and University of Exeter): “Compressions, foldings and ruptures: working with drawing and painting to unsettle representations of landscape”

2.00 – 3.30 session 3: Chair Harriet Tarlo

Kiera Shackleton (University of Dundee) “Creative Representations of Conflict and Trauma in Land-Based Resistance Movements”

Shelley Roche-Jacques (Sheffield Hallam)  “Here’s the Platform, here’s the proper place’. Setting and place deixis in the dramatic monologue”.

Ciara Healy (UWE) “Forever Beginning: An introduction to the concept of Thinness and its potential significance to curatorial practice”.

Kevin Smith (University of Dundee)’Objects of Possibility’

3.30 -3.50 – tea and coffee

4.00-4.50 Keynote Clothworkers’ South LT 3 (3.12) Mary Modeen, (University of Dundee): “Seeing the Unseen, Hearing Between the Sounds” (chair Judith Tucker)

5.00-6.00 Round table event on collaborative place-based work (chair Ken Hay) At this event there will also be an opportunity to view publications, artists’ books and catalogues from speakers and delegates.

Friday 28th November

Speakman LT

10.00 -10.50 Keynote: Harriet Tarlo (Sheffield Hallam): “Open Field: Reading field as place and poetics” (chair Judith Tucker)

11.00 Coffee, tea and biscuits available MA Rooms G.32 and G.32b

11.10 – 12 45. session 4: Chair Judith Tucker

Andrew Jackson (Sheffield Hallam): “Mind the gap: crossing the abyss in contemporary poetry of polar exploration”

Stephen Felmingham (University of Leeds): “Peripheral artefacts: drawing and the uncanny in the bunkers of the Cold War”

Lynn Imprematura (UWE) “Out of the Corner of the Eye (“I”): Drawing as Disposition of Perception”

Steve Hollingsworth (University of Dundee and RSAMD)

1.00 -4.00 depart from Parkinson steps by coach for the fieldtrip to Ilkley Moor with a performance by Filippa Dobson (University of Leeds) “Ad/dressing the Stone” finishing at 4.00 Ilkley at sunset! A snack will be provided but please bring a lunch and wear waterproof clothing.

Further information:

Dr Judith Tucker Senior Lecturer, Programme Manager BA Art and Design School of Design, University of Leeds, LS2 9JT