8 – 11 May 2013 at 19:30

A new version of Sophocles’ “Antigone” addressing issues of personal identity, political freedom and three doomed weddings. Set in a wedding shop, this performance of “Antigone” updates the original text with a vibrant, contemporary physical production. It features the work of 20 third year School of Performance and Cultural Industries students.

‘My wedding present a lifetime alone, death my bridegroom, a solitary prison my honeymoon bed. All the pleasures of marriage and children denied me. No little girl with soft blond hair to brush, no husband to lie beside at night. Just alone, forever and ever. ’

SUPERVISORS: George Rodosthenous, Gillian Knox

Pre-show Talks:

  • 8th May 19:00 Malcolm Heath – “Learning to be a Politician”
  • 9th May 19:00 Emma Stafford – “Antigone: bride of death”
  • 10th May 19:00 Eleanor OKell – “Translating Plays/Cultures”
  • 11th May 19:00 Elizabeth Pender – “Antigone and Values”